Benefits of massage for sleep

Παρασκευή, 5 Μάιος 2017 12:10 Blog

Do you suffer from sleepless nights? Massage is often used to help babies, and it can be useful in treating sleep disorders in adults. And if you've ever had a good, thorough massage, then you know you're "overworked." But you also know how relaxing it can be.

Our bodies have an autonomous system consisting of two parts: the sympathetic and parasympathetic system. The parasympathetic system balances the sympathetic system. When you are stressed, the sympathetic system is triggered and you will feel the feeling of struggle or flight. The parasympathetic system is activated during a massage and allows your body to slow down and relax. If stress or tension are causes of your insomnia you will be relieved to know that one of the benefits of massage improved sleep patterns. Many sleep with a professional massage.


Massage helps relieve stress, improve blood circulation, relieve muscle pain, release tension, and lower or lower blood pressure. It is believed that it can also stimulate the immune system. These relaxing results can therefore help massage a helpful help in restoring the rest. Massage is even more beneficial when restless nights come from stress, migraine headaches and pain and muscle stiffness. Several studies have shown massage therapy to not only reduce back pain and headache, but also by reducing stress, anxiety and depression make recovering sleep attainable.

Sleep is required for the immune system to work at its optimal level. When the immune system is compromised, the ability of our body to heal itself is also compromised. When we are stressed or deprived of sleep, our health is seriously compromised. Massage can help relieve stress and tension. Massage does not necessarily need to be done by a professional to capture all its benefits. You can ask your friend, partner, spouse or family member for a soothing rubdown. You can also get a mini-massage, focusing on the muscle groups that you can reach.

Relaxation techniques, such as massage therapy can definitely reduce stress and frustrations that lead to litter and turning and anxiety of sleepless nights. Therapeutic massage can not only have external physical benefits, but also internal benefits. Massage and aromatherapy can relax your muscles and help with blood and lymph circulation. A massage can help reduce nerve irritation and can help with the increased production of painful endorphins. There are many sweet smelling balsams and massage oils used in the market to relieve stress. The aroma and feel of the oils provide a soothing and relaxing environment.

There are different types of therapeutic massage techniques that can help and some are listed below.

Reflexology Massage: This type of massage focuses on specific "reflex zones" on the feet. This type of massage relieves tension and pain and improves the blood circulation in the areas of the body, which corresponds to the reflex zones of the feet.

Sports Massage: This type of massage improves athletic performance and endurance by massaging specific muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Aromatherapy: This massage has a smooth and flowing style. It concentrates on total relaxation, circulation and freedom of movement and relieves muscle tension.

After a relaxing massage, sleep will be restored as a time of rest rather than a time of restlessness. Be sure to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and help in the release and filtration of toxins. They feel more relaxed with reduced stress and tension and can sleep all night. They are woken up and ready to start a new day.

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