Here comes the summer sun!

Πέμπτη, 15 Ιούνιος 2017 12:10 Blog

We are finally here: We have summer vacation!
Summer, sun, fresh air … Whether you go on a journey to the distant lands or bike, to the pool next door; protecting your skin should be fundamental.

We all know about the dangers of UVA & UVB rays. Whenever we leave the sunscreen aside, we can be sure of a painful sunburn that reminds us of our negligence.

How to make your skin sun-proof?

The preparation should begin a few weeks before the actual holiday. As a natural antioxidant serves beta carotene. It prepares the winter pale skin for the upcoming summer sun and at the same time it acts as sunscreen. You can do it via dietary supplements like beta-carotene capsules that you take, however it is better with a rich diet of fruits and vegetables. The vital substance is in yellow-orange, but also dark green fruits and vegetables such as carrots, peaches, mangoes, apricots, spinach, lettuce or chard.

Start your holidays right

Babor Sun Care
Depending on skin type, it is advisable to choose a sunscreen product with a high SPF, e.g. SPF 50 is preferred, and to start off using it from the first days of the holidays throughout the hot summer season. Especially this applies for children.

The High Protection Sun Lotion SPF 50
The High Protection Sun Lotion SPF 50 is a super sunscreen to enter the holidays. The light and easily absorbed sunscreen lotion with SPF 50 is ideal  for face and body and works fantastically with every skin tone, including that of children. The integrated UVA and UVB filters and SKIN PROTECTION COMPLEX (SPC) support the skin’s own protection system in the fight against the sun – induced UV and cell damage. Simultaneously, the SPC protects against premature light-induced skin aging and supports the regeneration process after sunbathing.

Keep protection going with SPF30 or SPF15

MXLLS [High Protection Sun Lotion] ​​
Once the skin gets used to the sunlight, you can shift down a gear and rely on a sunscreen of SPF30 or SPF15. Whether spray, lotion or cream is your own choice, the effect of each product is basically the same. Remember application, both before and after sun-bathing, to renew the sunscreen. Even throughout the course of the day, you should reapply it several times to ensure best possible protection.
However, the safest way for you to spend the day is primarily under an umbrella.

When the day goes spoil your skin with After Sun Care
To give your skin relaxation and peace for the evening (Don’t believe that lying around on the beach is relaxing for your skin !!!) it is important to spoil it with After Sun Care.

The After Sun Repair Lotion is sensational. It calms and relaxes the skin and supports its regeneration. It is super comfortable in a way that any skin irritation and sensation of heat are felt alleviated and afterwards the skin feels super soft.

The SOS Helper, the After Sun Fluid

If your skin is stretched and tends to “rash (blush)“ despite the adequate use of sunscreen then I reach to your SOS helpers, the After Sun Fluid. This active concentration is absorbed quickly and leaves a relaxing cooling sensation on the skin. It reduces the unpleasant feelings of tension, irritation and sensation after sunbathing. Your skin looks much calmer and more rested, even with a sunburn.

Enjoy your holiday!
Babor Products are available at the Bali Resort Day Spa.


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